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May 23, 2023

“Alien Land Law” Bill Tracker

** Last updated May 23, 2023 **

State/Federal Bill Description Status
Florida SB 264 Prohibits certain individuals from “countries of concern” from purchasing property in many locations in the state. Individuals purchasing many forms of property in Florida will now have to sign an affidavit claiming they are not “domiciled” in a “country of concern,” including Iran.

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Signed into Law May 8, 2023. Takes effect July 1, 2023.
Arkansas SB 383 Prohibits “foreign-party-controlled businesses from purchasing property in the state, including those owned by “A citizen or resident of a country subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations.” At least eight countries are subject to these restrictions, including Iran. Signed into Law April 11, 2023. 
Tennessee HB 0040 Prohibits “A citizen of a sanctioned foreign government,” except U.S. citizens and green card holders, from purchasing or otherwise acquiring real property in the state.  Signed into Law May 11, 2023. Takes effect July 1, 2023.
Texas SB 147 Prohibits the purchase of property by individuals who are citizens of designated countries, including Iran, China, North Korea or Russia, with exemptions for U.S. citizens and green card holders. Would encourage significant housing discrimination against individuals who are suspected of being a national from targeted countries.

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Passed the Senate, referred to the House. Unlikely to pass in this legislative session.
Hawaii HB 505 Prohibits the “sale or transfer of real estate located in Hawaii to the Chinese Communist Party, members of the Chinese Communist Party,” or Hostile Foreign Influence, defined to include “any entity which has partial ownership held by a foreign government hostile to the United States, or which has board members or employees connected in any way to governments or organizations hostile to the United States.” Introduced in House
Louisiana HB 537 Bars the purchase of property by “a person connected to a foreign adversary,” and allows individuals to back out of contracts if they discover an individual is connected to a foreign adversary, a list that includes China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Venezuela. 

Amendments accepted in committee alter language around who would be subject to the property ban.

Introduced in House and Amendments Accepted
South Carolina S 576  Bars citizens of “foreign adversaries” determined by the Secretary of Commerce to have engaged in a long-term pattern of conduct detrimental to the United States from purchasing property. Exceptions are included for U.S. citizens and green card holders, and those purchasing less than five acres for residential purposes.  Passed the Senate, referred to the House
Missouri HB 903 HB 903 as originally drafted would have explicitly included prohibitions on nationals of China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Venezuela from purchasing property in the state. The version passed by the Senate excluded these specific references but would still bar aliens from purchasing agricultural property. The Secretary of State of Missouri has decried this change and wants to restore explicit prohibitions targeting these countries before it becomes law. The Senate and House are in conference on the bill before it heads to the governor. Passed the House and Senate
Kansas SB 283 Would prohibit the purchase of parcels of land greater than 10 acres by a “Person owned by, controlled by or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of a foreign adversary.” This includes “any person, wherever located, who is a citizen or resident of a nation-state controlled by a foreign adversary, unless such person is a dual

citizen of the United States and a foreign adversary.” Foreign adversaries are defined to include six different nations, including Iran.

Introduced in State Senate
Federal/Congress S.168 Promoting Agriculture Safeguards and Security Act of 2023 (PASS Act) – would ban citizens of “prohibited countries,” including China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea, from purchasing land for agriculture in the United States. The bill has nine cosponsors including one Democrat. Introduced in U.S. Senate
Federal/Congress S.1136 Not One More Inch or Acre Act – directs the President to take such actions as may be necessary to prohibit the purchase of public or private real estate located in the United States by citizens and entities of the People’s Republic of China, and for other purposes. The bill has one cosponsor.  Introduced in U.S. Senate

** This tracker does not encompass every single bill in every state aimed at imposing restrictions on foreign nationals buying property, only those that appear most relevant to citizens of so-called foreign adversaries. **

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