September 29, 2010

A Perfect Example of Smart Sanctions Versus Dumb Sanctions

Dear Friends,

Two very different developments on the Iran policy front came out of Washington today. I wanted to share with you NIAC’s statement of support for the first measure, which targets human rights abuses in Iran, and invite you to take action to oppose the second measure, which imposes sanctions against innocent Iranians.

In welcome news, the Obama Administration signed an Executive Order that imposes targeted sanctions against human rights abusers in the Iranian government. NIAC has called for the US government to take this step since August 2009, when NIAC members voted to support targeted sanctions against human rights abusers in the Iranian government, while continuing to oppose broad sanctions.

Separately, NIAC obtained a letter being circulated by Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) proposing new sanctions legislation that would put the lives of innocent Iranians in danger by working to make it impossible for Iran to import civilian airplane parts. NIAC strongly opposes this measure and we encourage you to send a letter to you Representative to urge them to oppose this bill.

Today’s events are illustrative of the broad spectrum of conflicting views in Washington regarding Iran policy. NIAC has advocated for a policy that makes the Iranian people central. Such a policy must emphasize human rights and the aspirations of the Iranian people, avoid sanctions that punish innocent Iranians, and advance a peaceful resolution to the issues between the US and Iran because war is the ultimate human rights disaster. On the opposite side of the spectrum are those who advocate for sanctions that deliberately punish innocent Iranians while calling for a war that would engulf the region, lead to the loss of innocent lives, and deal a devastating blow to the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.

These are stark choices, and we hope that you will continue to work with us so that the right choices are made that benefit both the people of the US and the people of Iran.


Jamal Abdi
Policy Director, National Iranian American Council


Statement: NIAC Welcomes Obama Effort Targeting Human Rights Abusers in Iran

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