November 21, 2014

4 News: Monday at midnight: will we see nuclear peace in our time?

Well, maybe that’s a bit over-dramatic but a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme could lead to rapprochement between the US and the Islamic state after 35 years of enmity. Monday 24 November 2014 is the deadline. 

It is no exaggeration to say this is a once in a generation opportunity. The reformist Iranian President Khatami reached out to the Americans after 9/11 but was shunned by President Bush. President Obama reached out during his first term but was rejected by President Ahmadinejad. Only now are presidents on both sides – Obama and Rouhani – open to compromise.

“If there is no deal, Iran’s moderates and reformists will be undermined and feel that there is no point in negotiating with the west,” said Ariane Tabatabaie of Harvard’s Belfer Centre.


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