April 2, 2015

You won – A Message from NIAC’s President

I cannot describe to you how happy I am! I – like you – have waited for this moment very long. In fact, for too long.

But it’s here now: We now have official confirmation: the U.S., Iran, and other world powers have found solutions on the key parameters of a nuclear agreement! 

This is a very exciting moment – this is the culmination of years of work.  But success never came easily, and this will be no different.

As experts hammer out the details of this agreement over the next couple of months, Netanyahu, AIPAC, and Congressional hawks are going to throw everything they have at defeating the President and killing this agreement.

In 12 days, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to pass outrageous new legislation that would give Congress the power to abort a comprehensive deal by preventing the President from suspending sanctions.  

This Congress has gone to unprecedented lengths to stop a deal, brazenly trying to use foreign leaders – even Iranian hardliners – to thwart this moment. And Democrats like Robert Menendez and Chuck Schumer are working with Senate Republicans to thwart the President, leaving the Senate just a few votes away from reaching the supermajority they need to block a historic peace agreement.

Thanks to your support, we stopped their earlier efforts to derail the talks.  Now, a historic peace agreement is at stake – and we’re counting on you to help make history.

Join our efforts to secure a lasting peace.  Donate today.

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Trita Parsi
NIAC President
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