June 16, 2011

Watch: Maziar Bahari Discusses Imprisonment, How Iranian Americans Can Support Human Rights


Washington, D.C. – NIAC presents an exclusive interview (in Persian) with award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human rights activist Maziar Bahari. His newest book, Then They Came for Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity, and Survival, chronicles the 118 days he spent in a six-by-twelve-feet prison cell in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. Bahari spoke with NIAC President Trita Parsi and journalist Sahar Namazikhah before giving a book reading and discussion with NIAC members in McLean, Virginia.

Bahari explains his relationship with his interrogator and shares how he kept his hope alive and his hatred for his torturer at bay. Bahari also shares his views on dictatorships and their ideology and talks of the importance of democracy. In talking about his days in prison, he explains how Iranian Americans can help support human rights in Iran.

“When the Iranian diaspora understands the importance of their vote, they can use the advantages of living in democratic countries and especially their right to vote and influence the decision-making process to pursue improvements in Iran,” said Bahari.

Bahari explained, “Congressmen and local representatives are fully aware of the need for our vote in order to be re-elected. This provides an opportunity for Iranian immigrants to be actively involved in discussions with their elected officials and to have a positive role on domestic and international situation of Iran.”

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