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January 31, 2017

Virtual Protest Q&A

Why a “virtual protest”?

  • By calling our lawmakers together at the same time, we light up our lawmaker’s phone lines and have our voices heard in unison. Just like an in-person protest, the more people that show up together, the more powerful our impact.
What are we asking lawmakers to do?
  • We have one ask for our House lawmakers and three asks for our Senate lawmakers. You can follow the script on the call-in page but here is some background on those asks:
  1. For both the House and the Senate: Legislation has been introduced in both the House and Senate that would repeal Trump’s immigration ban – we want all of our lawmakers to get behind these bills.
  2. For just the Senate: Additionally, we are urging Senators to also block the nominations of Trump’s cabinet nominations who would enforce the Executive Order – Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.
  3. For just the Senate: Finally, in the Senate we are also urging that Senators withhold consent to all Senate actions, which means they would object to the Senate’s regular proceedings so that nothing moves forward until the ban is reversed.
What if my lawmaker already supports all of my asks?
  • It is important for them to hear from their constituents how important this is and that you have their backs.
  • In the Senate, if one or both of your Senators already support the legislation, they can still take further action – which is why we have the two additional asks on nominees and withholding consent.
  • For the House, if your Representative already supports the legislation and you want to go beyond thanking them, there is more you can do: make calls to other targeted lawmakers in vulnerable seats. These are Representatives in swing districts who are under the most pressure to stand up to Trump. We have included a list of these lawmakers, along with a phone numbers to connect with them, at the bottom of this page. Because lawmakers listen to their constituents, we encourage that you call targeted lawmakers where you have some connection, such as working in their district or having a network in their district.
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