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October 23, 2018

2018 Candidate Comparison: Virginia’s 10th Congressional District

Barbara Comstock

Republican Incumbent

Jennifer Wexton

Democratic Challenger

Iran Deal


Comstock voted against the Iran deal in 2015 and supported Trump’s withdrawal: “I commend the President for his decision to withdraw from the misguided ‘Iran deal’.  The ‘deal’, which had strong bipartisan opposition in 2015 has emboldened Iran to continue instability and funding of terrorism around the world, and provided them with billions of dollars through lifted sanctions.”


Wexton supports the Iran deal: “I strongly support the JCPOA. This treaty has been successful at blocking Tehran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon and is a triumph for peaceful diplomacy as a means to settle international conflict and avoid war. The JCPOA is important first and foremost because it prevents war. The United States and our allies could not accept a nuclear armed Iran. This deal prevents that while also preventing what would be a costly, terrible, and devastating war.”

Diplomacy with Iran


Comstock is a close ally of John Bolton, Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor who has long advocated war with Iran and supports the MEK: “I am proud to again receive the endorsement of Ambassador John Bolton for a third term in Congress. Ambassador Bolton is an outspoken advocate of strong national security policies which protect our nation and her allies from outside threats, particularly from rogue actors such as North Korea, Iran, and ISIS.”


Wexton supports further diplomacy using the Iran deal as a starting point: “The JCPOA was an excellent example of what can be diplomatically achieved between the United States and Iran.”

Wexton says sanctions must be approached with caution and suggests that eventually lifting the economic embargo on Iran would be a “moderating force” that would encourage civil society and enable the U.S. to have more influence on Iran through trade and culture.

Muslim Ban



Comstock supports extreme vetting and has refused to sign on to legislation or take any actions to oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban.



Wexton proactively opposes the Muslim Ban: “I believe Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is not only unconstitutional, but racist, ineffective, and a hazard for our national security. Immediately after President Trump announced the Muslim Ban, I went to Dulles Airport Northern Virginia, along with many other elected officials and activists, to protest its implementation. As a lawyer, I believe the ban is fundamentally unconstitutional. From a national security perspective this ban gives our enemies around the world a powerful propaganda and recruiting tool to use against us. Finally the ban is racist and unamerican. We are a nation of immigrants founded on religious liberty. Immigrants make enormous economic, cultural, and social contributions to America. We should be looking at how to welcome and integrate immigrants not ban them.”


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