October 23, 2018

2018 Candidate Comparison: Utah’s 2nd Congressional District

Chris Stewart

Republican Incumbent

Shireen Ghorbani

Democratic Challenger, seeking to be the first Iranian-American in Congress

Iran Deal


Stewart was staunchly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal and promoted outrageous lies about the accord, warning in 2015 “we have completely abandoned our policy of prohibiting Iran from developing nuclear weapons and instead put forward an agreement that guarantees that they will.”

Stewart supported Trump’s decision to snap back sanctions, calling the accord “deeply flawed from the very beginning.”


Ghorbani supports the Iran nuclear deal as a “a realistic and effective way” to deal with threats from Iran’s nuclear program and warns that the President’s “saber-rattling” without a discernible strategy or plan to restart talks makes her feel less safe.

Ghorbani warns that Trump’s Iran moves are “distractions for a series of failed policies and scandals plaguing the administration.”

Diplomacy with Iran


Stewart has taken an extremely harsh stance toward Iran, warning it is a greater threat than al-Qaeda. According to Stewart, “while most Americans recognize the threat of Al Qaeda, most don’t understand that the worldwide terror network built by Iran is far more dangerous and deadly.”


Ghorbani supports “diplomatic efforts to resolve tensions between the US and Iran” and notes that sanctions have hurt the Iranian people more than they have been used to change the Iranian government’s behavior.

Muslim Ban



Stewart called the first iteration of Trump’s ban – which banned even U.S. permanent residents – an “appropriate” reaction to real world concerns. He also strongly backed the further iterations of the ban, stating “The top priority of the federal government must be to keep Americans safe, and this executive order is aimed at doing just that.”



Ghorbani, the daughter of an Iranian immigrant, is “particularly distressed by the travel ban,” because “under this ban, families like [her] own are kept apart,” something that is unacceptable to her.


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