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January 27, 2017

Urgent Update: Final Executive Order Analysis

We have reviewed the final text of the Executive Order signed by Donald Trump to bar entry to the U.S. for nationals of seven countries, including Iran. Our updated analysis is here.

The final executive order is worse than the leaked draft, and the Trump Administration has implemented the order against Iranian nationals, Iranian dual nationals, and even U.S. permanent residents who were born in Iran.

Update: For the latest analysis of Trump’s ban and its effects, click here.

We are committed to utilizing every resource available to fight and reverse this shameful action. There are several options and we are pursuing all of them:

1) Congressional action. Congress can pass legislation to revoke the order, revoke the President’s authorities to carry out such an order, and/or block funding for the implementation of the order. NIAC Action is organizing NOW to convince lawmakers to take on such an approach.

2) Legal action. We are currently evaluating a lawsuit to reverse this Executive Order, including working in-house and with legal experts in private practice and at other civil rights organizations to pursue the most effective legal path forward.

3) Public pressure. We must mobilize our membership and beyond, make sure our message is in the media, and that the impact of this action is understood by the broader American public broadly. This may not be sufficient to convince Donald Trump, but these actions will be critical in channeling public opinion and bolstering all of our efforts. 

All three of these elements of our strategy are going to require significant time, resources, and expertise. 

To succeed in our efforts, we are aiming to raise $300,000 before February 15 in order to hire additional staff to bolster our in-house legal expertise and manpower, and to cover potential costs associated with legal action. 

To be clear, success is going to require more than this. But this is why NIAC works – and wins – through coalitions. We work closely with allied organizations such as the ACLU, develop strategy with members of Congress, and ensure all resources at our disposal are fully utilized. We are part part of an active group of organizations, lawmakers, and experts who are already working to overturning this action. While most of those involved are not focused on the specific impact for Iranian Americans, we are – and we will ensure that your interests are represented.

We will have additional updates over the weekend or by Monday. In the meantime, please make a financial contribution to this effort that is appropriate for you – whether it is $50 or $5,000 – so that we have the resources necessary to win this.

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