January 29, 2017

Update: We can win this

As you have seen – we can win this. Thanks to the efforts of one of our partners – ACLU – courts have ordered the deportations to stop until the legality of the order has been reviewed.

It’s nowhere near a full victory, but a clear indication that we can stop this!

Both the legal, legislative and public outrage paths show signs of bearing fruit.

As we explained Friday, we have a goal of raising $300,000 by February 15 to hire additional staff to bolster our in-house legal expertise and manpower, and to cover potential costs associated with legal action.

We have already raised $115,000 in around 24 hours – but we still have $185,000 to go.

Our strategy has three parallel legs:

1) Congressional action. Congress can pass legislation to revoke the order, revoke the President’s authorities to carry out such an order, and/or block funding for the implementation of the order. NIAC Action is organizing  NOW to convince lawmakers to take on such an approach.

2) Legal action. We are currently evaluating several lawsuits to reverse this Executive Order, including working in-house and with legal experts in private practice and at other civil rights organizations to pursue the most effective legal path forward, including with the ACLU.

3) Public pressure. Clearly the mobilization works – and now we have to elevate it further and sustain it till we get the right results. We must make sure our message is in the media, and that the impact of this action is understood by the broader American public broadly. This may not be sufficient to convince Donald Trump, but these actions will be critical in channeling public opinion and bolstering all of our other efforts – as evidenced in the past 24 hours.

All three of these elements of our strategy are going to require significant time, resources, and expertise.

Please make a financial contribution to this effort that is appropriate for you – whether it is $50 or $5,000 – so that we have the resources necessary to win this.

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