September 4, 2008

The UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights Condemns Juvenile Executions in Iran

Washington, DC- The Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights at the UN spoke out on the juvenile executions in Iran in a statement this week saying “These executions appear to be in clear violation of international law which contains an absolute prohibition of the death penalty for juvenile offenders.” Iran has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child which both explicitly condemn the execution of minors.

Additionally, woman’s rights advocate Parvin Ardalan was arrested with three other women and sentenced to six months in prison for writings that called for women’s equality. Ardalan was unable to accept her Olof Palme award in Sweden earlier this year due to a three year suspended prison sentence which she received in 2006 for similar activities. This incident elicited remarks from the Swedish Foreign Minister who referred to her arrest and detention as “yet another expression of the deteriorating respect for human rights in Iran.”

All four women have filed for appeals.




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