January 17, 2014

SUCCESSFUL National Day of Action!



Day of action mix2.jpg
It’s official: we are turning the tides in the Senate AGAINST the dangerous S.1881 sanctions bill!

This past Wednesday, NIAC volunteer teams from 16 states visited 32 Senate offices, delivering over half of our 2325 petitions in person! These actions significantly strengthened our online petition deliveries, making unequivocally clear that Iranian-Americans and our pro-peace allies will not stand for this bill!

Within 48 hours, it was abundantly clear that these grassroots actions made an impact. Senator Corker (R-TN) shifted his position on the bill a day after our first ever petition delivery in his state. One of Senator Menendez’s (D-NJ) staffers stated that the majority of constituents they’ve heard from do NOT support the Senator’s position on the bill.

Al Jazeera Feature

We are VERY close to ensuring this bill can’t pass, but make no mistake — lots more work remains to be done. Stay tuned for more ways to step up and take action.

Many thanks to all those who stepped up this week as leaders in their home states! We couldn’t have made this progress without you! You can check out pictures of some of our amazing volunteer teams on our Facebook page




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