December 19, 2012

PBS Documentary Spotlights Iranian-American Community

When NIAC was formed in 2002, we recognized that one of the challenges of the Iranian-American community is that we had not succeeded in setting our image on our terms – others were defining us, others were determining our identity. Over the years, with the emergence of strong Iranian American voices in the media such as Reza Aslan and Maz Jobrani, our community gained the ability take ownership of our own image.

A significant step in this direction was taken with the PBS documentary “The Iranian Americans” aired last night. For many Americans, this will be their first introduction to our community. Here, perhaps for the first time on national TV, our own community explains to America who we are.

The documentary aired on Tuesday night. You can find your local listing for when it will re-air, as well as preview and purchase it online here.




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