Washington, DC – A letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee members warns that legislation pertaining to the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran (S.615, The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act) should either be substantively amended or rejected. The legislation, also known as the Corker-Menedez bill, will be considered by the committee this afternoon.

The letter calls for key changes to ensure Corker-Menendez does not derail the nuclear talks and “risk sacrificing what may be our best chance to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and prevent a war.” The White House says that the President will veto the bill in its current form.

The organizations that signed the letter include: National Iranian American Council, Americans for Peace Now, Council for a Livable World, Friends Committee on National Legislation, J Street, National Security Network, Women’s Action for New Directions, and Win Without War.

PDF Version of the Letter

April 13, 2015

To: Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

 Dear Senators,

We write to urge you to oppose S.615, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, as currently written. As the Senate Foreign Relations Committee considers the legislation this week, we strongly urge the incorporation of substantive changes to address the legitimate concerns regarding this bill. 

If advanced by the committee, S.615 should be amended to meet the following principles:

  • Do not delay the implementation of a final nuclear agreement.
  • Do not insert new demands, including non-nuclear demands, into the nuclear negotiations.
  • Do not block the United States from honoring commitments it has made in multilateral negotiations.

Failure to resolve these key concerns would risk undermining the nuclear negotiations, derailing a final comprehensive nuclear agreement, and unraveling multilateral cooperation regarding Iran. We urge committee members not to risk sacrificing what may be our best chance to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and prevent a war.


Americans for Peace Now

Council for a Livable World

Friends Committee on National Legislation

J Street

National Iranian American Council

National Security Network

Women’s Action for New Directions

Win Without War

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