September 15, 2009

Nina Mohadjer Announces Candidacy for Municipal Office of Board of Education in Ridgefield, CT


Ridgefield, CT – “When it comes to our children’s education, there is nothing more important. It is the driving engine in our community,” said Ms. Nina Mohadjer who announced her candidacy for the Municipal Office of the Board of Education in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Nicknamed “the constant student” by her two children, Nina stayed actively involved in the academic sphere by working to improve the quality of Ridgefield’s public school education. She is on the forefront of improving the current budget-fighting to increase student endowment for children to gain the best education possible. Despite being a full-time mother and lawyer, Nina’s love for higher education led her to not only acquire a law degree, but an MBA as well.

Ms. Nina Mohadjer has been a resident of the Ridgefield community for the past 15 years after leaving Germany in 1993 where she spent her entire childhood. Born in Iran, Nina’s dedication to Persian culture and language can be clearly seen through her children. With the closest Persian school nearly 2 hours away, Ms. Mohadjer taught her children not only about Persian traditions and linguistics, but most importantly, the value of education.

Her children have been a driving force in her involvement to better the educational system in her community. “Success will depend on the individual student, but as parents we want to give our children the best opportunity to make right choices, and ultimately succeed. The best way to prepare them is by giving them the best gift of all, a proper education.”

Above all, what is most impressive about Ms. Nina Mohadjer is her belief in creating change through collaboration. Whether in regards to the Persian community or the general Ridgefield neighborhood, “You have to be proud of who you are and supportive of each other. We are in this together,” said Nina. “I am happy to see that the Iranian-American community is only getting better and better. In my 15 years here, I have seen groups such as the National Iranian American Council develop and gain a credible voice,” added Nina.

NIAC commends her in her efforts and wishes Nina Mohadjer the best of luck on her campaign! For more information about her campaign, check out her site at www.Nina4BoE.com.




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