December 30, 2019

NIAC’s 2019 Reflections

End of year message from NIAC President, Jamal Abdi:

I could not be more proud to be part of the organization that is fighting in the trenches every single day to advance the interests and protect the rights of the Iranian-American community and our allies that support peace, civil rights, and fair immigration.

Despite the many challenges our community faced in 2019, we achieved a lot and are setup for success in 2020. None of our accomplishments happen in a vacuum – they are the result of the hard work of NIAC’s staff members, board, and volunteers; the contributions of our supporters, and the alliances we have with our friends at J Street, ACLU, Iranian American Bar Association, and our network of partner organizations large and small.

From acting as a trusted voice on U.S.-Iran relations, to pushing forth legislation that protects us from systematic discrimination, to celebrating our culture and heritage, together we are making a lasting impact for our community and for all Americans. 

Our victories are your victories–and your support ensures we can continue building the political power needed to champion our community’s priorities into 2020 and beyond. 

Read on for just a few of the many wins we collectively secured in 2019:



The 2020 election may be the most critical one of our lifetime. By engaging our community in the policymaking and electoral processes, and organizing our resources through political giving and volunteering, we are building a future in which our community’s interests are represented all across the U.S. In 2019, we doubled down on building political power by:



11,944. That’s how many messages NIAC members sent to their elected officials in 2019 demanding they block Trump’s path to war. An empowered Iranian-American community can advance policies that incentivize peace and diplomacy across the global stage. In 2019, our fight to advance peace & diplomacy included:



Immigrants are what makes America great and are the cornerstone of the inclusivity, justice, and equality necessary to keep the American dream alive. Ensuring that Iranians have the same opportunities as other nationals key to protecting diversity. This year, we worked to secure equitable immigration by:



This country’s founders enshrined the inalienable rights of all people in our Constitution and Americans have fought for generations to secure and protect those rights. Our community faced numerous setbacks to our basic civil rights this year, but we took on the battles to preserve our rights by:



Raising up the struggles faced by Iranian human rights defenders and holding the Iranian government to human rights standards is essential to building a future in which the U.S. and Iran enjoy positive relations. As an American organization, NIAC does not have a role to play in the domestic affairs of Iran–but we do have an obligation to support human rights standards to which the U.S. and Iran are party. Our initiatives in 2019 included: 



NIAC takes immense pride in the rich tapestry that makes up the Iranian-American community and culture. Our heritage provides us common ground to grow as a community and support one another as we trailblaze in the U.S. Our community & culture initiatives this year include:


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