April 8, 2010

NIAC’s 2010 Truthout on Andisheh TV

Washington, DC – For some time, NIAC has been under attack by neo-conservative elements in Washington and individuals in the Iranian-American community associated with the Iranian Mujahedin. These attacks are motivated by both the fact that we in 2008 defeated Congressional efforts to start a war with Iran and by the fact that some elements in Washington do not want to see ANY powerful Iranian-American voice emerge in US politics.

Thanks to the support of our community, we embarked on the 2010 Truth Out campaign to set the record straight about NIAC. As part of that campaign, NIAC’s President, Trita Parsi, recently did an interview with Andisheh TV to address and counter the many lies spread about NIAC.

As Winston Churchill said: “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.” The lies spread about NIAC have travelled far. Now it’s time to get truth out!

The full interview is available here, and also on Youtube.





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