July 15, 2015

NIAC Action Release Full-Page New York Times Ad Supporting the Deal


Contact: Ryan Costello
Email: [email protected]


Washington, DC – NIAC Action, the new grassroots civic action sister organization of the National Iranian American Council, released a full-page ad in The New York Times today in support of the nuclear deal between the U.S., UN powers and Iran.
“The nuclear deal can finally take the threat of war off the table and build bridges between the American people and the Iranian people,” said Jamal Abdi, Executive Director of NIAC Action. “Iranian Americans and our pro-peace allies will do everything it takes to ensure Congress does not sabotage this historic opportunity for peace.”

Congress is set to begin a 60-day review of the nuclear agreement, during which lawmakers could vote to reject or approve of the deal. NIAC Action’s #Vote4Peace campaign features ads such as today’s New York Times spread, grassroots efforts across the country targeting key states and districts, direct lobbying in Washington, and a political scorecard to track lawmakers statements and votes regarding U.S. diplomatic efforts with Iran.

“Congress will be under a lot of pressure from powerful interest groups to vote against the American people, who overwhelmingly support this deal,” stated Abdi. “So long as people are engaged, the millions of dollars from Sheldon Adelson can’t drown out the voices of tens of millions of Americans who want peace instead of war.”
NIAC Action is the grassroots, civic action organization committed to advancing peace and championing the priorities of the Iranian-American community. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit and the 501(c)4 sister organization of the National Iranian American Council, which works to strengthen the Iranian-American community and promote greater understanding between the U.S. and Iran.

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