February 11, 2020

NIAC Action Joins 40+ NGOs in Letter Urging Senators to Vote “Yes” on Kaine War Powers Resolution

February 11, 2020

Dear Senators,

We are a diverse group of national organizations focused on strengthening diplomacy, safeguarding the rule of law, protecting refugees, and promoting human rights and public welfare, and together we represent millions of people and communities across the United States.

We write to urge you to vote “YES” on the war powers resolution sponsored by Senator Tim Kaine (S.J.Res.68) to terminate the unauthorized use of U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities against Iran or any part of its government unless explicitly authorized by a declaration of war or specific authorization for use of military force against Iran.

Last month, the House passed its own version of an Iran war powers resolution, as well as additional measures to rein in unilateral action by President Trump for war with Iran and further safeguard the constitutional separation of powers. We urge the Senate to swiftly follow suit and pass legislation that will then be sent back to the House and to Trump’s desk for signature.

The United States has moved to the brink of a major regional war with Iran twice in the last year. Concerningly, the administration has consistently stated that it has the authorization for war with Iran even though Congress has never authorized such action, angering both Republican and Democratic lawmakers. Moreover, deep concerns persist regarding the administration’s treatment of intelligence concerning alleged threats from Iran, which has undermined public trust.

By passing S.J.Res.68, the Senate can take an urgent and critical step in uniting with the House in reasserting Congress’s constitutional role in matters of war and peace and reflecting the aspirations of a pro-diplomacy public who unequivocally oppose another catastrophic war of choice.


About Face: Veterans Against the War
Beyond the Bomb
Center for Constitutional Rights
Center for International Policy
Common Defense
Council for a Livable World
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Defending Rights & Dissent
Demand Progress
Foreign Policy for America
Franciscan Action Network
Freedom Forward Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ Government
Information Watch
Institute for Policy Studies
New Internationalism Project
J Street
Just Foreign Policy
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
NIAC Action
Peace Action
Peace Corps Iran Association
Peace Direct
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Project South
Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans
Rachel Carson Council
Rethinking Foreign Policy, Inc.
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Tri-Valley CAREs, Livermore, CA
Truman National Security Project
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries
United for Peace and Justice
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Win Without War
Women’s Action for New Directions
World BEYOND War

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