January 14, 2020

Myths v Facts: Correcting the Misconceptions about NIAC

For nearly two decades, NIAC has worked to ensure that the decisions that impact the Iranian-American community are made by our community. We are dedicated to building political power for Iranian-Americans in order to advance peace & diplomacy, secure fair immigration, and protect the civil rights of all Americans.

As the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization in the country, we know our power comes from holding our own government accountable for policies that harm our community here in the U.S. and erode the prospect of diplomacy abroad.

Our work is dictated by the needs of our community. Unfortunately, in our quest to champion the priorities of the Iranian-American community, NIAC has been subject to baseless rumors and slander by agenda-driven groups intent on pushing policies that harm and sow discord in our community.

The video sets out to correct these lies and disinformation. We encourage all wanting to learn more about NIAC to watch the video and share it in order to dispel the lies that divide our community. Ultimately, our community together is stronger.

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