December 17, 2014

A Message From Reza Aslan

DIP-AslanAs an Iranian American, I could not be more proud of how far our community has come, thanks in large part to NIAC’s tireless efforts to represent our community in Washington and in the halls of Congress. 

Just two years ago, war seemed inevitable between the U.S. and Iran. Last year, that situation changed dramatically with a historic agreement proving that a better future between the two countries is possible. Today, a deal to peacefully resolve Iran’s nuclear program and lift sanctions on the country is within reach – and we must grab it with both hands.

But there are still some in Congress who are clamoring to find new ways “put an end” to negotiations, to implement even more sanctions on people like my family, colleagues, and loved ones in Iran, and to ultimately set us back on the path to war.

The ongoing negotiations between the U.S. and Iran are a deeply personal matter for Americans and Iranians alike. War would devastate both countries. And it certainly would not bring peace to the region or improve human rights in Iran.

We must not give up on the diplomatic process. We must not allow ourselves to slip into another devastating war in the region. We must secure peace.

NIAC can’t do this alone. Please make a donation of $100 or an amount right for you to support this vital cause. I am myself a long-time supporter – both in my role as an Advisory Board member, and in my support of NIAC through the Ploughshares Fund, which just granted NIAC a $145,000 grant for its work for peace. 

NIAC is just $52,491 short of their fundraising goal for the year. Will you show your support?


If we stand together now, we will prevent a catastrophic war, and help those fighting for their rights in Iran.

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