January 25, 2010

King County Republican Party Denounces STEP Act


King County GOPBellevue, WA – The King County Republican Party of Washington has denounced Rep. Gresham Barrett’s (R-SC) legislation to prevent Iranians from getting U.S. visas as the “wrong bill for America.” The group’s statement is an unusually strong reprimand of Barrett’s bill from members of his own party. “The STEP Act simply goes too far and unfairly punishes certain segments of our population, namely the Iranian American community,” the statement said.
The legislation, the Stop Terrorist Entry Program (STEP) Act, has provoked strong opposition from the Iranian-American community. The National Iranian American Council sent over 5,000 letters opposing the bill to Rep. Barrett’s office and is continuing its campaign against the bill
The Chairwoman for the King County Republican Party Lori Sotelo wrote that “The STEP Act, although well intentioned, does nothing more than alienate those that America will need to be successful in the war on terror. People like the brave citizens of Iran, who are standing up to one of the most repressive and heavy handed regimes the world has ever witnessed, share our values and risk life and limb everyday to stand for freedom.”

The King County Republican Party concluded, “Congress needs to send the STEP Act back to the drawing board and work on a new bill that goes after the real culprits of terror.”




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