October 8, 2009

Iranian Scholars Urge US to Address Iran’s Human Rights Violations

Washington, DC – 108 scholars from the Iranian Diaspora have issued a statement about US-Iranian negotiations, recognizing the need for talks while emphasizing “a constructive dialogue with Iran must address the Iranian regime’s recent brutalities.” The signatories express their concern “about the neglect of human rights violations in Iran by the rest of the world” and warn countries that “the Iranian public is carefully following the interactions of foreign governments with those who violated their civil rights.”

The scholars remind American policymakers that Iranians became suspicious of American intentions after the US turned a blind eye to human rights abuses, beginning with the 1953 coup against Mohammed Mosaddeq. They conclude that turning a blind eye to the current government’s human rights abuses would “confirm this suspicion in the eyes of the Iranian people and would have a negative effect on long-term relations between the two countries.”

NIAC has urged the Obama administration to make human rights a key part of any dialogue with Iran. During the October 1 talks, the United States raised the issue of human rights with the Iranian representative. NIAC strongly urges the administration to expand and elevate the issue of human rights in future talks.




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