January 20, 2010

Iranian American Running for Contra Costa County District Attorney

San Francisco, CA – Elham (Elle) Falahat always knew she wanted to be a prosecutor. The experiences of her youth showed her that in the midst of injustices, the voice of reason and law must be resolute. So when her friends in the legal community called on her to run for District Attorney of Contra Costa County (Northern California), she was ready to go.

Previously politically inactive judges from the area and attorneys from the district all encouraged her to run, knowing Elle would bring bold but necessary changes to the dire state of the office. “I’m not running to occupy a chair and a title; the office is in crisis, we need a change in leadership,” she recently told NIAC.

“I’m doing it for my son, daughter, and community.”

Through her candidacy, Elle is breaking the pattern of political apathy in the Iranian-American community. “30 years ago the airplane had a ‘stop-over’ in the US. But the plane never left again, we’re here to stay,” she said. “Iranian Americans are a successful, educated community but we have nothing to show for in terms of politics. We have to break the stainless steel ceiling.”

If elected, Elle will not only be the first Iranian American elected in Contra Costa County, but the first female DA as well. She has already broken the glass ceiling by being the first female in 160 years to file papers declaring her candidacy. As such, her support base includes other minority and women’s groups, such as the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association.

For more information about Elle and her campaign, please visit www.ellefalahatforda.com.




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