July 14, 2014

Historic Opportunity


In just a few days, we may have a groundbreaking diplomatic agreement resolving the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program.  

So much is at stake. The difference between success and failure could not be starker.

  • With a deal, we can finally take the threat of war off the table, end the economic warfare that is punishing the Iranian people, and give Iran’s pro-democracy and human rights advocates the space they need to advance their cause.
  • Without a deal, more draconian sanctions and even military conflict become much more likely, and Iranian hardliners will once again use the threat of war to repress those who demand respect for their human rights and dignity.

If there’s an extension of the talks or even a deal, we’ll need to work hard to prevent the hardliners in Congress, who were just a few votes short of scuttling the interim agreement, from blowing things up with a new push for more sanctions.

And with a deal the most challenging part will lay ahead: Any deal will ultimately require Congress to vote to lift sanctions, and that will not happen without us pressuring our lawmakers.

That means that signing a deal is just the start of at least two years’ worth of work to secure peace, sanctions relief, and advance the cause of human rights in Iran. 

We have come very far. Now we need a final push to Seal the Deal. We are aiming to raise $100,000 by the end of July to secure peace. Please contribute what you can today: $100, $250 or an amount right for you. Every contribution helps us get closer to peace.


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