January 15, 2020

#HandsOffPersepolis, No War Rallies, and More

It has been a long and hard week for our community with the anxieties of a looming war, feeling vulnerable at home, a tragic plane crash, and threats to our cultural heritage at the hands of our President. In such times of distress, we are reminded of the importance of unity and community. NIAC has been working around the clock to ensure that the concerns of our community and our voices are heard.

That’s why we are protecting our heritage by saying #HandsOffPersepolis. Iran is home to a culture and civilization that spans 2500+ years and hosts many of the world’s great cultural sites. Senator Ed Markey has introduced an important resolution (S.Con.Res 32) to protect Iran’s historical sites in response to Trump’s threats against them and to uphold our commitment to international law. Add your voice in support of this measure here to encourage your Senators to sign on.

We are also protecting our loved ones in Iran by joining our coalition partners to prevent further escalation towards war. In yesterday’s National Day of Action, NIAC Action volunteers joined thousands of fellow Americans across the country to send a powerful message to Washington, #NoWarWithIran.

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With our collective efforts, we can put pressure on Congress to reassert its authority over war powers. We already saw the impact of our force yesterday with the House passage of a resolution to halt war with Iran. But we need your help to keep the pressure on.

While NIAC has been working with our grassroots coalition to stop the march towards war, our staff experts have also been busy writing Op-eds and appearing in news and Media around the globe to give context to recent events.

Read Research Fellow Dr. Assal Rad’s piece against endless wars and Senior Policy Analyst Sina Toossi’s piece on the economic warfare of sanctions for more analysis.

Watch NIAC President Jamal Abdi on CNN and Assal Rad on Al Jazeera as they share insights on how we got here and a path forward.

It is more important than ever not to allow Iran hawks and many of the same so-called ‘experts’ who pushed for the U.S. war in Iraq to mislead the public into another disastrous war. With your help we can reverse course and call for diplomacy, ensure the civil rights of Iranian Americans, and protect our ancestral heritage. Join us in saying #HandsOffPersepolis and #NoWarWithIran.

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