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January 29, 2017

Finally, some good news

It’s been a long few days, but we have some welcome news this evening for U.S. permanent residents and their relatives.

Under intense pressure, the Trump Administration has backed down on a key element of its immigration ban. After declaring yesterday that green card holders from Iran and the six other restricted countries would indeed be targeted by the ban, the Department of Homeland Security reversed course and just announced that green card holders will be allowed entry into the United States.

Have no doubt: this is the result of thousands of people protesting, thousands of calls to Congress, thousands of emails to the White House and Congress, and everyone’s tireless work to make sure the American people understand just how inhumane this policy has been.

In short, your activism worked!

That, however, does not mean that our work is done. Far from it.

We still do not know the process in which green card holders can return to and enter the country.

Moreover, Iranians and others on visas still cannot enter the country. Many individuals being held at airports have not yet been released. The innocent people who have had their lives shattered — being kept from their very homes and loved ones — simply because of where they were born still have not found justice.

So we have to fight on as hard as ever, but we do so with the knowledge than in less than 36 hours, we have already gotten the Trump administration to begin backing down from the some of the most egregious actions.

Tomorrow, we will send you information about efforts on Capitol Hill to reverse the ban and how you can help. Legislation is being drafted to completely reverse Trump’s ban on Iranians and Muslims – and we need your help to pass it!

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