March 13, 2014

Congressman Keith Ellison Joined NIAC’s Day of Service!

He released the following statement about the event on his website:



“Ear-to-ear smiles and hugs were shared all around by the Minneapolis NIAC Day of Action concluded. But when NIAC volunteers arrived at Caring and Sharing Hands, a shelter for homeless families, the youngsters and parents who greeted them were a little shy.  NIAC set out to give homeless parents a break from the grind and anxiety associated with living without a stable home.  Many parents of homeless families spend all day either looking for a place to live, a home, or just getting around doing chores.  The NIAC volunteers were a huge hit with the kids and parents seemed genuinely relieved to have a break, even if for only an afternoon. Volunteers broke the ice with board games, tag, good conversation, and even some singing. Many of the residents of Sharing and Caring Hands are new Americans, having only arrived in the United States from life in a refugee camp days before.  Some volunteers remembered their own days as new Americans and shared common stories of immigration with the residents. Many were families struggling with English, but the NIAC volunteers employed the universal language of smile. After a few hours of quality time, volunteers said good bye to their new friends at the shelter, but many NIAC volunteers pledged to return to spend more time in the future.”

NIAC’s 4th Annual Day of Service engaged Iranian Americans in community service projects in 10 cities nationwide. For photos of this event, please visit our Facebook page.


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