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July 17, 2020

Congress to Vote on NO BAN Act on July 22nd!

Big news! After years of work by NIAC and our partners, Congress will vote next Wednesday, July 22nd to repeal the Muslim Ban!

Racism and bigotry have been core pillars of the Donald Trump presidency, beginning with the implementation of the Muslim ban in Trump’s first week in office. Now, after three and a half years of tearing our families apart and putting dreams on hold, the No Ban Act will finally go to the House floor. This bill would not only repeal the Muslim ban, but also prevent such discriminatory policies in the future.

We have worked tirelessly with our allies to ensure Iranian Americans and other immigrant groups have their voices heard in the halls of Congress. NIAC worked to help secure the first hearing on the Ban last year, and to ensure Iranian American Dr. Abdollah Dehzangi was among the three witnesses testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on the impact of this ban that separated him from his wife.

While we do not expect the Senate to act on this legislation, the passage of the bill in the House next week is a crucial milestone to repudiate this policy and give us momentum to lift the ban under a new Administration. Already, NIAC secured a commitment directly from Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden that he would repeal the Muslim Ban on day one of his presidency. Next week’s vote is a big step to ensure this commitment does not get overshadowed in the sea of priorities and challenges a future administration will encounter as it enters office.

Demand Your Rep. Vote Yes on the NO BAN ACT!

This vote also comes on the heels of ICE’s recent announcement that it plans on deporting international students from the U.S. if their college goes fully online for the fall semester due to COVID. This announcement is yet another example of the pillar of hate that has become a hallmark of the Trump administration–and yet one more policy we must urge Congress to block.

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