March 22, 2023

Chicago City Council recognizes Norooz & the Iranian people standing up to authoritarianism for women’s rights & freedom.

Chicago, IL – The Chicago City Council has officially recognized Norooz and the people of Iran, who have continued to stand up to authoritarianism and promote women’s rights and freedom.

NIAC applauds the City of Chicago for passing this resolution, which strongly supports the right of all Iranians to their internationally-recognized human rights, including to exercise freedom of assembly, expression, and speech. On Wednesday, March 15, Leaders of our Chicago chapter also met with Mayor Lori Lightfoot thanking her and the city council for their support of this resolution and the cause of peace and diplomacy.

The resolution acknowledges that Norooz symbolizes a time of renewal and community, it harkens the departure from the trials and tribulations of the previous year and brings hope for the New Year. This New Year, and every year, NIAC is proud to stand with the people of Iran, who continue to bravely stand up for women’s rights and freedom in the face of brutality at the hands of Iranian authorities. 

We want to congratulate our incredible Chicago chapter members for their tireless organizing efforts that helped make this resolution happen. The resolution, which we helped develop, highlights the movement for democracy and human rights in Iran, and reaffirms an official commitment to supporting their cause. 

NIAC chapters have been proud to contribute to the crucial organizing work in support of the Iranian people, happening around the country. Almost two dozen resolutions supporting the movement for human rights and democracy, led by Iranian women, have passed at the local level. 

We encourage everyone to read the full resolution below and will continue to work with American civic leaders to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people in their quest for a free and democratic society.

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