February 15, 2019

Call Your Senator to Demand an end to S. 386 and Support the RELIEF Act

The fight to keep the green card path open for Iranians and all communities is entering a critical stage. Can you call your Senators this week?

Contact your Senators by calling 1-844-ACT-NIAC and ask the operator for your home state Senators:

(find your Senators)

Here’s a sample script of what to say (choose just one bullet talking point):

“Sen. Lee’s S. 386 would not fix the green card backlog, and would instead shift its burden onto a diverse group of immigrant communities. A true solution would fix the backlog by expanding the number of green cards available, like Sen. Durbin’s RELIEF Act or Sen. Paul’s BELIEVE Act.

Will you commit to blocking S. 386 from moving forward under unanimous consent? Will the Senator support the RELIEF Act or BELIEVE Act instead?”

For more information on this issue and how to take further action, visit this link.

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