May 11, 2017

Call to Protect the Iran Deal!

The Iran nuclear deal was a historic achievement to prevent a war between the U.S. and Iran. Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his allies in Congress are putting this deal at risk.

Thanking President Obama for the Iran Deal, Thanksgiving 2016

The latest attack is S. 722, a Senate bill that would violate the Iran deal and impose new sanctions on Iran. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is planning to advance the bill soon despite warnings from former Obama officials who helped negotiate the Iran deal who say it would be a deal killer and a serious provocation that could spark a full-on conflict with Iran. To stop S.722, we need to flood our Senators’ offices with phone calls urging them to oppose the bill.

Call your Senators today using our call-in tool (and please urge 5 friends to call as well!).



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