October 23, 2018

2018 Candidate Comparison: California’s 48th Congressional District

Dana Rohrabacher

Republican Incumbent

Harley Rouda

Democratic Challenger

Iran Deal


When President Trump exited the Iran deal, Rohrabacher’s website ran a press statemented entitled, “Rohrabacher: Three Cheers For President Trump’s Iran Decision.” Rohrabacher said, I applaud President Trump’s decision to exit the colossally misguided Iran nuclear deal agreed to – in an act of supreme naivete – by the Obama administration.”


Rouda has described President Trump’s attack on the Iran deal as “wrong, dangerous and unfair.” In the past he has advocated for an end to rolling recertification and insisted that the JCPOA must be permanent rather than “used as a political tool.”

Diplomacy with Iran


Rohrabacher is one of the MEK’s strongest allies on Capitol Hill.

When addressing the 2017 ISIS terror attacks on Tehran, Rohrabacher asked, “Isn’t it a good thing…?”

Rohrabacher supports funding violent ethnic separatist groups inside Iran, introducing several bills to do so. “For those of us who really want peace in Iran, doesn’t it behoove us not to just give, free up, a hundred billion dollars for the regime that oppresses its people but instead to try and help those interests, those various nationality groups that don’t like the mullahs,” Rohrabacher said in 2017.


Rouda supports further diplomacy: “Iran is a major international and regional actor. I believe in the power of diplomacy and believe that the United States’ best interests will be achieved by normalizing relations with Iran and I support diplomatic efforts that lead to that outcome.”

Rouda has also pledged to oppose new sanctions that will damage the Iran deal or target ordinary Iranian citizens.

Muslim Ban



“I support the temporary suspension of the Refugee Resettlement Program to give us time to think through the threat … and devise ways to better protect the American people from radical Islamic terrorism…”



“Simply, Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is un-American. This ban makes our country less safe and abdicates America’s role as a leader in the world.”

Rouda also supports comprehensive immigration reform, visas for foreign students (including Iranians), and a clean DREAM Act.


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