October 23, 2018

2018 Candidate Comparison: California’s 45th Congressional District

Mimi Walters

Republican Incumbent

Katie Porter

Democratic Challenger

Iran Deal


Walters opposed the Iran nuclear deal, warning, “It’s time for America to wake up and understand the danger and threat this deal presents to our national security.”


Porter supported the Iran nuclear deal as “our last best option to preventing war.” She will work to defeat Trump’s efforts to kill the accord, warning that the moves only give Iran “incentive to break its commitments to the international community.”

Diplomacy with Iran


Walters was firm in her opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, made clear her intent to dismantle it, and as part of her opposition argued that lifting sanctions on Iran was a threat to Middle East stability. She would be unlikely to support another serious diplomatic push, and has done nothing to rein in Trump’s dangerous moves.


Porter believes the nuclear accord was “an important first step to easing tensions between the people of Iran and the US.” Porter would support more dialogue between the U.S. and Iran and believes that the Iranian people have a “right to be part of the 21st century global economy.”

Porter would closely consider how any future sanctions impact the people of Iran and their ability to prosper and acknowledges that sanctions have often “served to strengthen regimes hand by depriving citizens of their ability to make living.”

Muslim Ban



Walters, despite representing thousands of Iranian Americans impacted by the ban, gave a supportive statement in January 2017 when asked about the ban. According to Walters, “The federal government’s primary responsibility is to protect national security. We must reevaluate the visa vetting process to ensure that our security measures are adequate to address the threats facing our nation.” She subsequently failed to sponsor legislation or press the administration on the Muslim ban on any level.



Porter states that the ban was “blatantly unconstitutional and created to enshrine discrimination against Muslims into immigration policy.” She promises to fight hard against it in Congress, including by speaking out for “families in my district who have been devastated by this policy” and fighting for “judges and a justice system that recognizes the unconstitutionality of discrimination.”


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