April 18, 2022

NIAC & NIAC Action Academies

For many, American political and civic life is corrupt, dishonest, and ineffective. We’ve seen the impact that decades of discriminatory politics have had on our communities. U.S. policies on immigration, criminal justice, and civil rights have suffered from a lack of diverse representation– and it’s communities like ours that are paying the price. 

Few Iranian Americans hold elected office, work in local, state, or federal government, on political campaigns or in local political or community organizing. It’s time for that to change. It’s time for our community to have a seat at the decision making table. 

With the launch of NIAC and NIAC Action Academies, we plan to build a pipeline for a new generation of Iranian Americans into elected office and careers in public service. By intentionally recruiting, training, and providing support for Iranian Americans to secure key positions in civic and political life, to be at the table when decisions are made that impact our community, and to succeed not in spite of their Iranian heritage but because of it.

After 20 years fighting, growing a nationwide chapter membership, building partnerships with allies in Washington, and uplifting some of the first Iranian-American elected officials, we want to mobilize our connections and resources for the next generation of change makers.

Congressional Fellowship: Learn more and apply

Organizing Fellowship: Learn more and apply

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NIAC Academies’ Congressional Fellowship will provide young Iranian Americans the opportunity to learn the legislative process and start a career in public service by working on Capitol Hill. NIAC will award one Iranian American a paid three-month fellowship to work in a Congressional office in the Fall. The fellowship will be sponsored through College to Congress, a bipartisan non-profit organization dedicated to empowering a diverse, inclusive and effective generation of public servants. NIAC Congressional Fellows will have all expenses paid, including transportation, housing, meals, professional wardrobe, and various needs while living and working in DC. Click Here to Apply for the Congressional Fellowship.

NIAC Academies’ Organizing Fellowship is a paid six-month fellowship designed to provide young Iranian Americans the opportunity to learn the basics behind organizing. There is a distinct lack of professional Iranian-American organizers, which holds the community back from growing and expanding our political power. At the same time, there is a lack of training programs designed to train young people in our community on how to become organizers and to show how it can become a full-time career. We hope that this new initiative will tackle this need by inspiring the next generation of Iranian-Americans to pursue a career in professional organizing. Click Here to Apply for the Organizing Fellowship. 

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