September 8, 2015

41 Senators Now Back Iran Agreement

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Washington, DC – NIAC Action Executive Director Jamal Abdi released the following statement:

Today, a battle has been won, as three key Democratic Senators – Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) –expressed their support for the Iran nuclear agreement.  By voicing their intent to vote against any disapproval resolution offered in the Senate, the support of these three Senators makes it likely that the Senate will not pass a disapproval resolution.  Considering where this debate began and the millions of dollars thrown into the fight against this nuclear agreement, this is a moment to celebrate the victory of diplomacy over war, as enough Members of Congress have now realized that this nuclear accord with Iran represents our best means of preventing both a nuclear-armed Iran and an unnecessary war.

The August recess was supposed to be a treacherous period for the Obama administration, as key lawmakers traveled to their home states and districts and prepared to hear the noise from opponents of the nuclear accord.  Defying all expectations, August proved to be a monumental win for Obama and the fate of the nuclear deal, as Members of Congress continued to fill the ranks of those vocally supportive of the agreement.  Burgeoning support for the nuclear deal, no doubt, was the result of Senators carefully reflecting on the strict terms of the agreement and finding strong constituent support for the deal. 

With today’s announcement of the three Democratic Senators in favor of the nuclear accord, the momentum in favor of the nuclear deal has carried over into September.  Opponents of the deal started their million-dollar campaign believing that they could win enough votes to override a certain Presidential veto of the nuclear agreement with Iran.  With the summer coming to a close, it appears unlikely that they have enough support to pass a disapproval resolution in the first place.

Aware of their pending defeat, opponents of the nuclear agreement have started to turn towards alternative mechanisms to undermine the accord.  Already, Sen. Ben Cardin, who opposes the agreement, is proposing legislation that would prohibit the President from fully implementing the nuclear deal, unilaterally define terms and conditions of the JCPOA in ways designed to antagonize Iran, and expedite new sanctions legislation designed to undermine, if not blow up, the agreement.  While proponents of the nuclear deal have won a significant victory today, the advertisement of new sanctions legislation is evidence enough that there is a long, difficult road ahead to insulate the nuclear agreement from those who prefer war to peace. 


NIAC Action is the grassroots, civic action organization committed to advancing peace and championing the priorities of the Iranian-American community.

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