William Kristol and Jamie Fly, neoconservatives who were instrumental in orchestrating the War in Iraq, are at it again.  While their previous war advocacy shop, the Project for a New American Century, is now defunct (after a job well done), they have reconstituted their pro-war efforts in the form of the Foreign Policy Institute.
This time they are calling for Congress to pass an Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iran–with or without support from Commander in Chief Obama.  Completely contradicting US, Israeli, and European intelligence, Kristol and Fly insist that Iran is a dangerous threat that is “closer than ever to nuclear weapons.”
These fear mongering tactics may have worked back in 2003 when Kristol and Fly organized support for the War in Iraq, but today we know better than to take the advice of war hawks such as Kristol and his cronies.  Their ridiculous claim that military action against Iran would “serve the nations interests,” only illustrates their disregard for the lives of U.S soldiers and the words of people who actually know what they are talking about.  The most prominent words used by military and civilian leaders to describe a strike against Iran are: disastrous, calamitous, and dangerous.  Their words to describe folks like Kritol and Fly could probably be summed up as: chicken hawks.Additionally, although Kristol and Fly would like us to believe otherwise, the supposed threat of Iran building a nuke is not imminent. As Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has stated, it would take Iran up to 3 years to build the bomb once they make the decision to do so and as of now Iran has not decided to build one. Adding insult to injury, Kristol and Fly’s plan of military strikes against Iran, would not destroy Iran’s nuclear program but only push it back a few years. Why then are Kristol and Fly are ready to jump to a costly and unnecessary war without even giving diplomacy the chance to succeed?
The fact is, the negotiations that are happening right now in Moscow are precisely the reason Kristol and friends are beating the war drums louder than ever.  They want diplomacy to fail and are rooting for war.
As the Moscow Session begins, there is hope for successful negotiations ever since Iran’s top negotiator Saeed Jalili announced that Iran is willing to engage on the proposal to export their supply of 20-percent enriched uranium. However, these reckless calls for war threaten to derail the diplomatic gains made during the Iran nuclear talks and only throw support behind the views of Iranian hardliners who may argue that Iran needs nuclear weapons in order to deter the threat of an attack from the United States. Launching a military strike against Iran practically ensures that they will begin building nuclear weapons.
Kristol and Fry, your calls for war are reckless and based more on fiction than fact. They hurt the very real chance that successful negotiations will occur between Iran and the United States. Whether Kristol and Fry are simply ignorant or are truly self-serving profligates, it is clear they are far more interested in serving the interests of FPI than in serving the interests of the United States.

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