NIAC has created a group on Facebook entitled “Save Persepolis Artifacts!” Priceless 2,500 year old Persian tablets – currently on display at some of America’s preeminent institutions – may be put up for auction as plaintiffs seek to recover court-awarded damages against the Iranian government. NIAC has been following developments in the case closely and will be acting as Amicus Curiae for the lawsuits. To read a background analysis of the case click here.
NIAC believes that to auction off these ancient artifacts would be detrimental, not only to world history, but also to the practice of cultural and academic exchange. Most important to us, however, is the devastating effect that their sale would have on the Iranian-American community. These objects form an important element of Iranian-American cultural identity and historical pride. To sell them would be to punish Iranian Americans for the actions of a government they do not support.
Please show your support for our fight by joining the group!

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