June 18, 2009

DC Iranians Americans Expand Frustration to Russians…then Chinese

DC Iranian Americans are not tiring as they become reenergized by seeing their fellow Iranians continue to protest despite the violence. Yesterday, more than 200 hundred people gathered outside of the Iranian Interest Section in Washington, DC. Black and green colored the crowd that came together to mourn the loss of lives in Iran, and to show their solidarity with the Iranian people. Individuals held signs asking, “Where is My Vote?” and sang song such as “Ey Iran” and “Yar e Dabestani.” About an hour into the gathering the crowd marched in silence, following the example of their counterparts in Iran, towards the Russian Embassy. This act was conducted in defiance of Russia’s recognition of Ahmadinejad’s victory during his visit to the state on Tuesday. Further, participants held a candle light vigil and a moment of silence to honor the loss of innocent lives in the aftermath of recent protests in Iran.
The next gathering will be on Thursday, June 18th at 6 PM in front of the Iranian Interest Section and they will walk probably walk to the Russian and Chinese Embassy. This gathering will be followed by another one on Saturday June 20th (Global Protest: Where is My Vote?) at 11 am in front of the Iranian Interest Section in Washington, DC.
Iranian Americans have overwhelming come out in support of Moussvai, or at in support of free and fair elections. Most Iranian Americans have friends and families in the Tehran, who support Moussavi, and not the poorer provinces in Iran where Ahmadinejad does have real support- so naturally they are standing in solidarity with them. We have not seen any pro-Ahmadinejad protests to date, however, if there are any, please let us know as want people to have a complete picture of what Iranian-American reactions have been.

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