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  • Esmail Bakshi Rearrested January 21, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi

    Labor leader Esmail Bakhshi was rearrested last night in Iran.

    He was first held for a month over his role in the Hafte Tapeh worker protests in the city of Shush. Upon release, he alleged he was tortured, leading to public outcry and investigations by various government institutions.

    Officials eventually stated that Bakhshi was not tortured and state television aired a film of Bakhshi’s “confession” on Saturday.

    Another former detainee alleging torture, activist Sepideh Gholian, was also arrested again over the weekend. She has since called for a public trial.

  • Arrest of Sepideh Gholian January 20, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi

    Today, activist Sepideh Gholian was arrested once again in Ahvaz.

    She was first arrested in November in connection with the labor protests by workers of the Ahvaz Steel Company. On Saturday, Iranian state TV aired a film of her “confession.” She, along with labor leader Esmail Bakhshi, says she was tortured while in custody.

  • Arrest of Amir Amir-Goli January 17, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi

    Today, BBC Persian reported Amir Amir-Goli, a member of the editorial board of the leftist Gam magazine, was reportedly arrested. Previously, on January 9th, the magazine’s editor-in-chief Amir Hossein Mohammadi-Far and Sanaz Allah-Yari, another member of its editorial board, were arrested.

    The magazine supported and wrote reports on the recent labour protests by workers of the Hafte Tapeh factory and Ahvaz Steel companies.