Kayhan Newspaper reported today on Congressman Berman’s proposal to impose harsher sanctions on Iran. According to Kayhan, efforts to impose additional sanctions including sanctions on refined petroleum products are a result of the U.S. government losing hope in the victory of the opposition movement:

Kayhan Newspaper: Sources report of the US Congress’ persistence on strengthening sanctions against Iran following [Congress’] disappointment with the [post-election] anti-Revolution turmoil.
Regarding his proposal on refined petroleum sanctions, Howard Berman, the chairman of Congress’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said that this proposal is supported by 260 members of the Congress.

In a Foreign Affairs Committee meeting, the Democratic representative introduced the mentioned proposal within the framework of Barack Obama’s strategy for starting negotiations with Tehran! This proposal will be an amendment to the Iran sanctions bill and it targets those individuals and companies who are involved in exporting refined oil products such as gasoline to Iran or invest more than $20 million in infrastructure for local production of petroleum products.
[Berman] told Reuters news agency “In my opinion, this project is the Sword of Damocles over the Iranian authorities’ heads to know that if they do not seriously enter negotiations and do not accept several UN Security Council resolutions to stop the uranium enrichment program, what consequences will be waiting for them.
Howard Bremen did not mention the fact that American’s Sword of Damocles for sanctioning the Iranian nation has had a broken blade for years and only its handle remains in the hands of the authorities in the White House.  Some news circles refer to the mistaken American authorities as new fantasizing Don Quixotes who only attack windmills.

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