April 20, 2009

Iranian Americans tell Congress to prevent accidental war with Iran

Over at Peace Action West’s blog, Groundswell, our friend Rebecca recounts a couple of recent meetings with prominent members of Congress on the importance of an Incidents-at-Sea agreement with Iran.

Wednesday our stellar group of activists, including two Iranian-Americans and an American who had lived in Iran for 11 years, met with Rep. [Henry] Waxman. …We thanked Rep. Waxman for his strong voting record on our issues and for his efforts to raise concerns about a dangerous sanctions bill last year, and urged him to strongly support direct diplomacy with Iran without preconditions or a short timeline.

Did you know that it was this easy to meet with your member of Congress?  We at NIAC are looking for concerned members of the community to sit down with elected officials and tell them what’s on your mind.  Iranian Americans have a unique perspective, and members of the House of Representatives need to hear it.  How else will they know just how disastrous a war with Iran would be?  How else will they know the negative effect of thirty years of sanctions and isolation on the Iranian people?  How else will they know what you, their constituents, want?
If you want to see real change in Washington’s approach to our most important issues, get in touch with us here at NIAC and we’ll schedule a meeting for you with your member of Congress.  Just email Michelle at [email protected] and start getting involved!

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