This video was made by the American Jewish Committee to focus attention on Iran’s nuclear program before the UN General Assembly this week.  But if the AJC wanted to use scare tactics to push for war with Iran they didn’t need to hire a fancy video editor.
No, they could have done the same amount of fear-mongering (with the same degree of subtlety) by just flashing on-screen the words “Iran” and “Kill” in rapid succession.  The task is so simple in fact, that it doesn’t even matter that all 16 US intelligence agencies have flat out rejected their claim that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.  Nor does it matter that the IAEA has confirmed time and time again that Iran’s nuclear program is not being used to develop a nuclear weapon.   All anyone has to do is state unequivocally that “Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons must be stopped” and then anything goes.
Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans and the international community can see through this fear campaign, and recognize that nothing would precipitate an Iranian nuclear bomb faster than attacking them militarily.  With the historic round of talks set to begin on October 1, let’s hope this type of thinking will stay far away from the policymakers and diplomats who will actually be in the room.

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