September 29, 2020

Nasrin Sotoudeh Breaks Hunger Strike

With her health declining and life in danger, Nasrin Sotoudeh finally broke her hunger strike after more than 45 days. A fearless human rights defender, Sotoudeh began her hunger strike on August 11, 2020 to protest the unjust detentions of prisoners of conscience in Iran, as well as prison conditions and the risk of spreading Covid-19. On September 26th, her husband, Reza Khandan, shared the news of Sotoudeh breaking her hunger strike along with Rezvaneh Ahmad Khan Beigi, due to their dire health conditions.

Despite being taken to the hospital for treatment on September 19th, Sotoudeh was transferred back to Evin prison only days later with her health still in danger. A veteran of social justice and activism, Sotoudeh has become recognized throughout the world and garnered support and international outcry demanding her immediate release. As she serves yet another outrageous prison sentence for doing her job as a lawyer and defending the rights of Iranians, the international community, activists, and human rights experts continue to call on Iranian authorities to free Nasrin.

Though many may have heard Sotoudeh’s name, her story is finally being shared with larger audiences. On September 30th, the documentary film simply titled, Nasrin, will be available to watch online. The film offers a portrait of a woman whose resilience is an inspiration to women the world over. As Christiane Amanpour aptly describes, “For her unyielding grit and determination, Nasrin’s name has become a rallying cry, especially for women – not only in Iran, but around the world, too. #FreeNasrin.”

While Iran is often associated in the media with images of covered women and gross inequality, Sotoudeh provides a real image of the strength of Iranian women in the face of adversity. Iranian authorities must heed the chorus of voices calling for her release, along with all political prisoners. Nasrin is rightfully admired around the world, she should be celebrated for the heroine she is, at home. You can rent the film, Nasrin, here.

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