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Another video apparently from the Qadr night protest in the holy city of Qom has surfaced. People gathered in front of the Grand Ayatollah Sanei’s office after his speech for the Qadr night ceremony and showed their anger over what is happening in Iran. Their chants included, “Death to the dictator,” “Coup administration, resign, resign,” and “We will meet on Quds Day.”
Also, Fars news agency reported on Sunday that Ahmadinejad is suing Grand Ayatollah Yusef Sanei:

“Following an insulting speech made in a ceremony by Mr Sanei against the president, the president’s legal office has prepared a complaint against him,” Fars said, quoting an unnamed source in the presidential office. “The complaint will be submitted to the Special Court for Clergy,” the source said, without offering further details. In August, hardline newspaper Javan accused Sanei of calling Ahmadinejad a “bastard” in comments made among his supporters but the cleric’s office denied the report.

Ahmadinejad has had a tough time with Iran’s clerical elite and most senior ayatollahs have refused to congratulate him on his re-election.

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