PressTV is reporting that the trial of those detained during protests over the disputed presidential election will be postponed due to a request by lawyers of the defendants.
Iran’s court, in a statement issued on Wednesday, said with regards to a request put forward by more than 10 lawyers defending the detainees, the trial will be postponed for two days. The Thursday trial will be delayed until 8 am, Saturday, according to the statement.
The postponement comes as Houshang Babaei, the lawyer of opposition activists Mostafa Tajzadeh, Mohsen Mirdamadi and Behzad Nabavi, said he would not attend the trial for his defendant. Babaei cited what he called the lack of respect for basic requirements of holding a trial as the reason for his refusal to attend.
The lawyer mentioned visiting defendants in prison, having access to charges filed against the prisoner, and being granted enough time to defend the accused as the primary principles of holding a fair trial.

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