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August 31, 2009

Coroner: Roholamini not killed by “sickness”

RoholaminiAccording to Parleman News, the coroner’s office of Tehran officially announced on Monday that Mohsen Roholamini did not die because of “sickness.” Roholamini is the son of conservative pro-Mohsen Rezaei figure Abdolhossein Roholamini.  He was arrested in the post-election protests and was killed in Kahrizak prison.  Official reports had said that he died of meningitis.
Today’s reports say that the results of forensic investigations place the cause of death for Mohsen Roholamini as physical stress, poor prison conditions, several blows to the body and blows to the head by a hard object.
The coroner’s office strongly rejected the official claims of meningitis as the cause of death.

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