July 17, 2009

Mowj: “State TV sold out Hashemi to China; censored the people”

According to Mowj Camp, the state TV (IRIB), which aired today’s Friday prayer live, “censored parts of Hashemi’s words and especially the people’s slogans.”

“One of the most important parts censored was the “Death to China” slogan for the killing of Muslims in China, which was being chanted today during Hashemi’s speech.”

“However, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting sold out the head of the Assembly of Experts to China; value of and respect for the speaker of Tehran’s Friday prayer was sacrificed for Ahmadinejad’s good relations with the Chinese government; and his (Rafsanjani’s) criticism of the killing and suppressing Muslims in this country was censored for the benefit of this eastern communist neighbor.”

IRIB also repeatedly used slow motion, avoided pointing the camera at the green crowds and repeated the scenes that showed Ahmadinejad’s supporters holding his picture.

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