August 20, 2009

Larijani Confirms Split between Conservatives

Ali Larijani, Iran Parliament’s speaker acknowledged today that there are “differences” among Principlists (Iran’s Conservatives).  Though this has been very obvious for some time, it’s interesting that conservatives no longer can deny it. Mehr News Agency reported on Thursday.

“These differences are related to “differences of opinion” he said. “I confirm that there are differences among Principlists which are mostly differences of opinion,” the Majlis speaker said in a meeting arranged by the Islamic Society of Engineers in Tehran. Larijani added efforts are underway to resolve the split between conservatives.
The speaker also mentioned the Majlis is ready to study any evidence about sexual harassment of some detainees arrested in the post-election unrest. In a letter addressed to Larijani on Wednesday, Karroubi announced he is ready to present his documents about a sexual harassment of some detainees. “I announced that (Karroubi) present if there is any documents or evidences about this issue,” Larijani said in an answer to a question about Karroubi’s letter. He added, “We never want to hide anything from people. If Karroubi is willing we will listen to his words and even investigate the issue if he gives the address or telephone number of these persons.”

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