According to semi-official Mehr News, Sadegh Larijani has announced he will free some of the prisoners and punish people responsible for abuses at the Kahrizak prisons. He made in these remarks in a meeting with MP Kazem Jalili:

The Speaker of the Special Committee told Mehr News about his meeting with Larijani, saying, “Ayatollah Larijani alluded to the necessity to immediately free some prisoners and punish the agents of the [offenses] at Kahrizak and the dormitories, and that judgments or indictments relating to the post-election events must be accurately based on judicial regulations.

Larijani has made good on part of his promises by freeing a major Mousavi ally and a Principlist cleric that supported him, as we reported below. It remains to be seen if Larijani plans to engage in a full-blown offensive against the actions of the IRGC and the Shahroudi-era Judiciary, or if these are token attempts to restore legitimacy in the Islamic judiciary.

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